With so many wedding suppliers out there its so important to pick the right ones for you!

Read on to find out some of our top tips to make the process stress free.

Does the supplier have the relevant expertise to do what you would like them to? A good way to check is to make sure photos they are sharing with you are of their own work and not ‘inspo’ photos. While mood boards or inspiration photos can be great to give you an idea of how a theme will pull together its also really important to see actual images of the work that the supplier has done so you can check the quality of it.

Are their social media pages up to date?

In an ever changing industry it’s important to know that your preferred suppliers are active and up to date. We’ve all heard horror stories about suppliers ceasing to trade, the first way to tell is a normally active social media presence gets ghosted.

Taking a few days off is completely normal (especially in wedding season when they could be knee deep in wedding prep). But, going from posting every day to not posting for over a month is a red flag.

Don’t leave it to the last minute!

When you find a supplier you like pop them a message or give them a call straight away as it is likely their diary is becoming very full.

It is never too early to book your suppliers.

18 – 24 months before your date is a good target to aim for especially if you have chosen a peak month (April – September)

Ask your suppliers questions and make sure that they are as excited about working your wedding as you are to be working with them!

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