The Myth of the Bridezilla: Why the Real Issue Might Be ‘Guestzillas’

As a wedding venue stylist, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Do you get many bridezillas?” It’s a question that always makes me pause and smile. The idea of the bridezilla—an unreasonable, demanding bride throwing tantrums left and right—has become a popular trope. But, in reality, I don’t really think this is a thing. Let me tell you why.

The Pressure of Perfection

Planning a wedding is undeniably stressful. From choosing the perfect dress and flowers to seating arrangements and managing budgets, it’s a monumental task. Naturally, this can put brides (and grooms) on edge. The day is one of the most significant in their lives, and they want everything to be just right. This pressure can make anyone a bit more sensitive and reactive than usual.

The RSVPing Dilemma

One of the biggest headaches for couples is dealing with RSVPs—or the lack thereof. Despite clear instructions and deadlines, it’s astonishing how many guests fail to respond. This lack of consideration can add immense stress to the planning process. It’s not just about counting heads; it’s about catering, seating arrangements, and ensuring that everyone has a place. When guests don’t RSVP, they unintentionally contribute to the stress that can make brides (and grooms) appear more frazzled than usual.


Everyone’s an Expert

Weddings seem to bring out the expert in everyone. Friends, family members, and even casual acquaintances often have opinions on everything—from the colour scheme to the menu. While most advice is well-intentioned, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and intrusive. Couples want to please their loved ones, but they also want their wedding to reflect their own vision and dreams. This constant juggling act can be exhausting and contribute to the myth of the bridezilla.

Introducing the ‘Guestzilla’

Here’s a thought: maybe the real issue isn’t bridezillas but ‘guestzillas’. These are the guests who forget that the wedding is all about the happy couple and what they want. They’re the ones who don’t RSVP, who complain about the seating arrangements, who make snide comments about the food, or who have unrealistic expectations about how much attention they should receive on the big day. Guestzillas can add a layer of stress that makes it even harder for couples to enjoy their special day.


Shifting the Focus Back to Love

At Kara Mia Venue Styling, we believe that weddings should be joyous celebrations of love. Our role is to help alleviate as much stress as possible, so couples can focus on what really matters: their commitment to each other. We understand that tensions can run high, but we also know that most brides and grooms are simply trying to navigate this complex process with grace and joy.

How We Can Help

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, understand, and execute the vision that each couple has for their wedding. By taking care of the details and ensuring everything runs smoothly, we help reduce the stress that can turn a calm bride into a so-called bridezilla. We also offer guidance and support, reminding couples that it’s okay to set boundaries with their guests and to prioritise their own happiness on their wedding day.



So, the next time you hear the term bridezilla, take a moment to consider the pressures and challenges that couples face during wedding planning. Maybe the problem isn’t the bride, but the unrealistic expectations and behaviours of some guests. Let’s shift our focus back to celebrating love and supporting couples as they embark on this beautiful journey together.

If you’re planning a wedding and need a bit of help to keep the stress at bay, reach out to us at Kara Mia Venue Styling. We’re here to make your day as beautiful and seamless as possible, ensuring you can enjoy every moment without worry.

Remember, it’s your day, your way—let’s make it unforgettable.


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